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Today’s perfume: Chanel Beige

“All pretty girls have a bottle of Chanel”. Such a cute saying I am re-quoting from another site. As a young girl I enjoyed perfume, not just any perfume, ones that were unique or expensive, neither of which makes a great perfume. My first perfume

"All pretty girls wear Chanel"
“All pretty girls have a bottle of Chanel”

was Coco Chanel. It was a rich, strong, heady scent that lasted a long time. Today I am intrigued by an Exclusif line of Chanel and Beige is the first that I will try. I have a sweet friend, Ashley Ashoff, who is an artist and entrepreneur whom I love to talk perfume with. She has been to Paris and all over the world in her travels. She tells me of a perfume, Beige, that has a honey base. I am hoping to hear from those who have tried it and hear your thoughts on it. You can talk about how it makes you feel, or what it reminds you of, or just what you love or don’t love about it. Email me and I can publish your story on my blog. Girlfitness555@gmail.com